V.I.P. License Marketing

  • Observation of the relevant markets (in particular such segments using trademarks, celebrities or licensed characters with regard to products, re-launches , advertising and promotion)
  • Observation of European and international licensing markets/industries offers and demand
  • Direct mailings to about 10.000 potential licensees p.a. including advertising agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and beyond
  • Continued individual mailings to selected prospects from our own customized data base
  • Special presentations to selected circles of potential licensees for certain properties
  • Comprehensive Internet presentation of properties represented with monthly updates
  • Exhibition and/or intensive visits at/of the major trade shows (Nuremberg Toy Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, ISPO Sports Fair, Frankfurt Spring Fairs Premiere and Ambiente, Frankfurt Fall Tendence, Mens + Ladies Fashion Show, Leather Fair, Kid + Youth Fair, ISM Sweets and Biscuits Fair, ANUGA Food Fair, Bread + Butter Berlin, GamesCom, DMExco, Brand Licensing Europe, Licensing Show Las Vegas, Licensing Market Munich, Licensing Day Cologne and other major European shows)
  • Lecturing at special seminars at universities, Marketing Clubs, the Association of German Advertising Agencies a.o. to sensibilise new target groups for the licensing business.
  • Frequent contributions in public and trade press. In fact, V.I.P is probably the licensing agency with the most media coverage (that includes often also the products of the licensees) over the past 30 years
  • Intensive PR activities, also in public media to enhance consumers interest in licensed products

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