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Only if your product clearly distinguishes themselves from those of your competitors will you have the seller’s advantage of providing a unique product to the buyer and therefore mandating an improved price for those products. If your products does not have an associated license, then the trade dictates lower prices and quantities. A license can help you set your product apart from the competition by enhancing it with emotion and therefore achieving a unique selling proposition.

The use of a relevant license can bring you a clear competitive advantage. In particular, as costs for design and brand development continue to escalate while at the same time the lifespan of products tend to have a shorter lifespan or in the worse scenario, even a total failure. However, the already established popularity of topical licenses and their established images enables you to reach your target group with very little wasted coverage.

If you are looking for the right license for your products or you are considering licensing your own brand, V.I.P. is your competent professional for both occasions. V.I.P. has been in business for over thirty years and due to our vast experience and proven past performance, we are confident that we will provide you with comprehensive expertise.

V.I.P. has represented such renowned clients as Stars Wars, James Bond, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, The National Football League NFL, Pepsi Cola, IBM, Fabergé and so many others. Please also review our articles on the German speaking licensing markets in the LIMA endorsed books “Basics of Licensing” and “Business of Licensing.”


Michael A. Lou

V.I.P. Company brochure for the 20th anniversary (2000)

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